Korean Antique Furniture

The website represents the culmination of extensive research spanning several years, with its primary focus on the study of Korean furniture from the late Joseon dynasty in Korea. A series of articles comprehensively explores all facets essential for unraveling the artistry of Korean master carpenters from that era.

This exploration encompasses an examination of the country, its people, and their customs. 

This study is divided into several chapters:

  • Korean Furniture Types: Attempts to present a typology of different furniture types.
  • Collecting Guide: Certain clues help us to better identify Korean furniture.
  • Regional Differences: Describes the differences in design, dimensions, and decorative motifs that make it possible to pinpoint the furniture’s geographical origin.
  • Collection Guide: A photographic presentation of Korean furniture in numerous museums.
  • Special Topics: Various articles on different themes such as woods used, decorative motifs, types of joinery, and finishing methods.
  • The Market: Analysis of pieces presented at auction houses around the world.
  • Antikasia: Presentation of our own collection of Korean furniture.

Together, these resources offer a deeper insight into this exceptional art form. Please note that our research remains an ongoing endeavor. The information provided on this website regarding collection items may be subject to updates, revisions, or enhancements at any given time.

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