THE SOBAN – 소반 PART 2. Collections in Korea.

For more information about Soban you can read our article: The soban A table used for dining, where food is placed, is called a “soban“. In traditional houses of the Joseon Dynasty, the kitchen and dining room were typically separate, and heavy brass or porcelain dishes were used for tableware. Consequently, sobans were constructed from […]


INTERESTING LISTING OF KOREAN COLLECTIONS IN AMERICAN MUSEUMS: WEISMAN ART MUSEUM – Minneapolis, MN The collection includes about 200 examples of Joseon dynasty (1392–1910) furniture, 80 Silla dynasty (668–935 B.C.) stoneware pieces, some 150 folk paintings and wooden bowls and utensils, in addition to other folk arts and crafts. The collection came to the […]