Najeon, Glimmer & Shine. May 19, 2023 ~ August 27, 2023.

Najeon is a decorative technique that involves using mother-of-pearl from the shells of abalones, conchs, and similar materials to create intricate patterns on lacquerware. Known for its mysterious and sparkling colors, Najeon has been cherished and admired for its delicacy and profound beauty.

Najeonchilgi, a prominent craft from the Goryeo Dynasty, persisted into the Joseon Dynasty. Not only did it diversify in types, but its use also expanded from the royal family to the general population.

You can find Najeon on various items, ranging from boxes and furniture to tray-tables and pillow ends, adding a touch of sparkle to different aspects of our lives.

The exhibition centers around the themes of “Practicality and Decoration–Talent and Craftsmanship–Sharing Memories.” It showcases Najeonchilgi from the Joseon Dynasty, along with contemporary craftworks by artisans who carry on the tradition. These artisans offer new interpretations and aesthetics to traditional materials and techniques, adding a modern twist to this timeless art form.

자개 장생무늬 함螺鈿長生文函
Lacquered Case with Inlaid Mother-of-pearl Longevity Design

22.8 × 21.5 × 36
조선 – Joseon Dynasty.
자개 능화무늬 예물함螺鈿菱花文禮物函
Lacquered Marriage Gift-box with Inlaid Mother-of-pearl Four Ogival-shaped Pattern

21 × 20 × 30
송방웅, 광복 이후
자개 벼룻상螺鈿硯床
Lacquered Inkstone Table with Inlaid Mother-of-pearl

26.5 × 29 × 41.5
조선 – Joseon Dynasty.
자개 빗접螺鈿梳函
Lacquered Comb Cabinet with Inlaid Mother-of-pearl

31.5 × 30.5 × 31.5
조선 – Joseon Dynasty.
자개 산수무늬 빗접螺鈿山水文梳函
Lacquered Comb Cabinet with Inlaid Mother-of-pearl Landscape Design

30 × 29 × 29
조선 – Joseon Dynasty.
자개 연잎모양 외다리소반螺鈿蓮葉一柱盤
Lacquered Lotus Leaf-shaped Tray-table with Inlaid Mother-of-pearl

19.5 × 32
조선 – Joseon Dynasty.
자개 장생무늬 이층농螺鈿長生文二層籠
Lacquered Two-tiered Separable Clothing Chest with Inlaid Mother-of-pearl Longevity Design

126.8 × 47.5 × 87
조선 – Joseon Dynasty.
자개 이층농螺鈿二層籠
Lacquered Two-tiered Separable Clothing Chest with Inlaid Mother-of-pearl

135.5 × 45 × 87
조선 – Joseon Dynasty. 남궁호 기증

Wood Craft – Ehwa Womans University 130th Anniversary Special Exhibition.

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