Hamgyŏng Do province was bounded on the west by P’yŏngan Do province, on the south by Hwanghae Do and Gangwŏn Do provinces, on the east by the Sea of Japan, and on the north by China and the Russian Empire.

It was one of the eight provinces of Korea during the Joseon dynasty and the provincial capital was Hamhung. Hamgyŏng-Do is the peninsula’s most mineral-rich province.

The eight provinces of Korea.
Hamgyŏng Province.
1850 Korean Map of Hamgyŏng Province
Somewhere in the Northern part of the province.
Bandaji. Pine wood, iron fittings, oil finish. H. 82cm, W. 88cm, D. 42cm.

Unfortunately, despite our many attempts in our research, we lack information about the furniture in this region.

So far, we have discovered only one bandaji whose provenance is attributed to Hamgyong province.

This piece of furniture, whose size is typical of northern pieces, seems to have been made from pine wood. In fact, its surface features numerous finely-cut wrought-iron hinges.

The general shape of the hinges securing the front panel is rounded and quite similar to those found on bandaji from Hwanghae province. This chest stands on an elaborate base.

Further research will therefore be required to uncover the secrets hidden in this remote region.

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