JANG – 장

Feature image: Jang – Two level chest. Zelkova wood, lacquer, brass fittings. H. 134cm, W. 103cm, D. 47cm. Early 19th century. Collection Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, Minnesota. USA. The “Jang” was a type of furniture traditionally used for storing clothes in Korean households. However, due to cost considerations, most modest households opted for the “Bandaji“. […]


Gyeongsang Do  경상도, also known as Kyongsang-do, was one of the eight provinces of Korea during the Joseon dynasty. This province is located in the southeastern part of the peninsula, with its provincial capital now known as Daegu. The region holds historical significance as the birthplace of the Kingdom of Silla (57 BCE – 935 CE). Gyeongsang-do […]